A Real Alternative to Education without the Student DEBT
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TTI 5 Pillars

For the pillars of the earth are the Lord's,
And He has set the world upon them.

TTI Educational Platform has 5 Pillars that will support
Your plan to your personal advancement.

Performance DRIVEN

  • Study courses relating to your purpose and your gift(s)
  • Complete exams with a 70% score
  • Certification upon completion of curriculum
  • Preparation for career/job choice
  • Use our 5GRP to monetize your social networks


  • Complete lesson and get 20% Cashback – RSP
  • Earn 24% on your network purchases through – 5GRP
  • Increase your monthly ROP
  • 6 - Bonuses paid to HASTIC
  • Tell your FFA through our NetWORDing System©
  • Monetize your SBO with educational resources

Personal Development DRIVEN

  • Developing your personal skills
  • Developing your God-given gift(s)
  • Developing one's talent(s)
  • Developing one's passion(s)
  • Equipping you to make the right career choice

Opportunity Driven

  • An alternative to Student Loans
  • Job Training and Career Development
  • Internship / Entrepreneurship / Apprenticeship
  • Sponsorship Program for the under-funded and under-privileged
  • Fundraising Opportunities for SBO

Mountain View

Marketplace Driven

  • Training on the latest technological development
  • Preparing for newest job developments
  • Equipping with the latest skill requirements
  • Learning support skills for career sustainability


ACTical Knowledge

ACTical Knowledge is the Essence of Life!


Discoverativity is the imagination of life

Practical Knowledge

Practicality is the Fruitfulness of Life!

Spiritual Knowledge

Spiritual Knowledge will allow you to see the possibilities in the impossibilities!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to expand "Earn While You Learn" through organizations and individuals in 8 ways:

  • Restoring the Rewards in Learning".
  • Providing an Alternative to Student Loan Programs―TTI's Wealth Sharing Program.
  • Providing a monthly income for all participants through our Wealth Sharing Program—8 Ways to Earn.
  • Giving participants greater opportunities for training through internships, entrepreneurship and career development.
  • Developing the pillars of knowledge through Practical, Spiritual, ACTical and Discoverativity disciplines.
  • Equipping the current generation and generations-to-come to meet the new challenges in the marketplace and unexpected challenges in our ever-changing world.
  • Reaching the underprivileged and under-funded through sponsorship.
  • Developing the potential quotient in each participant God-given gifts and talents through teaching with purpose and meaning.

8 Rewards

Become an Affiliate and take advantage of the many benefits provided within the TTI's Educational Experience.

  • RSP ― allows all participants to share in the TTI wealth. Therefore, when any participant purchases content, TTI will pay 20% cash-back.

  • 5GRP ― is a referral program currently used by the banking institutions and businesses that reward customers when they referred their family, friends and associates to purchases goods and/or services.
  • 6 Bonuses Programs ― is based on rewarding participants for their performance in learning and your commitment to studying and telling your social network about lms.firsttimehomebuyerscertification.com

TTI's key programs are based on some of the incentive programs currently used in the marketplace; for example, most of our wealth programs pay monthly, including a percentage of your network purchases, unlike other programs in the marketplace that just pay you once.

Virtual Back Office

Signup NOW as an Affiliate and get 30 days FREE access to your virtual office with all the tools to "LEARN AND EARN"!

Tools in Your Virtual Office:

  • Course Library
  • Exam Library
  • Monitor earnings from Wealth Sharing Programs
  • Monetize your network through NetWORDing
  • Monitor your network growth through 5GRP
  • Request for Training, Internships opportunities
  • Request for Entrepreneurship and Job opportunities
  • Sponsorship Funding and Other Opportunities

Connect Support

Social Conectivity