(Frequent Ask Questions)


1.      What makes TTI.com “unique”?

·       The only company in the educational industry that shares its “Wealth”!

·       An alternative to “Student Loan” which is a “Trillion Dollar” industry!

·       Allow all people in society to take part in learning a skill or develop a profession!

·       Sponsor people that are underprivileged and under-funded in society!

·       Allows people to earn and learn without the burden of “Student Loans”!

·       Allows students to pay off their “Student Loan” through our Wealth Sharing Program!

·       Reward people who are High Achievers!

·       TTI.com has the 5 Pillars as its business model!


2.      Who can participate on TTI’s Educational Platform?

·       Individuals―Students, Teachers, Coaches, Adults, Professionals, Seniors; anyone from the ages of 12 to 92 (Remember: Learning is a life-long journey)

·       Organizations:

o   For Profit

o   Non-profit


3.      How do you earn while you learn?  There are 8 ways to “earn while you learn” in our Wealth Sharing Programs:

1)     RSP―Revenue Sharing Program

2)     5GRP―5G Referral Program

3)     6 Type of Bonuses (Coming Soon!)


4.      What is the difference between an Affiliate verses a Subscriber?  

·       AffiliateWant to “learn and earn” including all the benefits in TTI’s Wealth Sharing Programs.

·       SubscriberOnly interested in learning and getting “Cash-back” on all purchases.


5.      What is a Free Profiler Just hanging out i.e. not learning nor earning!


6.      How to become an affiliate? Go to the Homepage and the top-left there is a button that says “Register” and click! A pop window will appear and then click on “Affiliate” and also click the box for “terms and conditions”, then click “REGISTER HERE”! Then complete the form.


7.      What are the four categories you can learn from on the TTI’s Educational Platform:

1)     Spiritual Knowledge― For spiritual knowledge to be useful it must be developed into something that is practical.  Therefore, spiritual knowledge will increase our faith in the knowledge obtained that may seems impossible to achieve.

2)     Practical Knowledge―Practical knowledge is gained through experience (works) by knowing how to apply that knowledge in the marketplace correctly.

3)     ACTical Knowledge―Acting on knowledge that is spiritual (faith) and practical (works) which is useful in the marketplace and our daily lives. Faith focuses on the spiritual and Works focuses on the practical, collectively, we call it "ACTical Knowledge".

4)     Discoverativity―By developing your discoverativity you will be prepared for the current and future challenges, problems and impossible tasks that await you in life and in the marketplace. 


8.      What is NetWORDing? TTI’s NetWORDing© System is a referral system that allows your “word to do the work” by texting, emailing, tweeting and Facebooking our social and professional network.


9.      What are the different types of Affiliates:

1) Individual Affiliate―An individual who can study and earn monthly revenue through TTI’s Wealth Sharing Programs and monetize his/her social and professional network through education by netWORDing© their network.

2) For Profit Affiliate―An organization who can monetize its network through education by netWORDing© its network.

3) Non-Profit Affiliate―An organization who can monetize its network through education by netWORDing© its network.


10.   Sponsorship Program―TTI’s Sponsorship Program is designed to meet the needs of the underprivileged and under-funded people in society.  Our Sponsorship Program is not a handout program but a program that teaches individuals how to generate a monthly income through education and technology.


11.   Virtual Office―Is your personal office in the cloud that has all the tools you would need to be educated and successful in the marketplace and the pursue of one’s dreams in life!


12.   ROP―Return On Purchase is the return (earnings received) compared to the cost of your purchases!


13.   ROS―Return On Sponsorship is the amount of return a Sponsor can received when they invest in sponsoring a person/student! This amount can be up to 24%!


14.   Why Partner with TTI?

1.      For training your workforce!

2.      To monetize your social and professional network through education!

3.      To develop a monthly fundraiser through education inside and outside of your organization!

4.      To stay competitive in the marketplace through continue education at your own pace!


15.   What is the Sponsorship Balance?

Your Sponsorship Balance is the funds that Affiliates set aside to use exclusively to sponsor people!


16.   What is the Sponsored Balance?

The Sponsored Balance is the balance available for a Sponsored Affiliate can use to purchase content!


17.   Can you make any purchases from your Sponsorship Balance? No!

The Sponsorship Balance is the funds Affiliates set aside to use exclusively to sponsor people!


18.   How to use your “Sponsored Amount Balance” to sponsor other People:

·       You can purchase lessons available on TTI’s Platform with your Sponsored Amount Balance.

·       You can also use your Sponsored Amount Balance to sponsor people in you network after you have purchase 3 lessons in order to qualify for your RSP and 5GRP funds! You must use the “Shopping Cart” in order to transfer funds to your Sponsorship Balance! When checking out as a Sponsored Affiliate, you can use your Sponsored Amount Balance to sponsor other people to add to your network by using the “Shopping Cart”!


19.   What is the difference between the Sponsored Amount Balance and the Sponsorship Balance?

·       The Sponsored Amount Balance is the available funds for the person who has been sponsored by an Affiliate. This balance can be used to purchase the required Study Manuals and it also can be used to sponsor other people once the Sponsored Affiliate has met all the requirements.

·       The Sponsorship Balance is the balance that an Affiliate contribute to his/her account to sponsor people who are in their social or professional network through a system we called “NetWORDing”!  This is one of the many tools that TTI’s Educational Experience allows its Affiliates to use to monetize their network!


20.   What is the real impact of the 5GRP!

When YOU refer 3 FFA (Friends, Family, Associates) to Company A and they pay you a very small referral fee of $25 per referral that amounts to $75.00, but the people that you referred are doing business with Company A each month.  After 1, 2, or 3 years, you did not get any additional benefits or fees beyond the one-time referral fee. Now if your 3 FFA referred 3 FFA that is a total of 9 referrals. You do not get any fees for the other 9 referrals in your extended network. The exponential impact of 9 referrals to the 3rd power equals 729 people (The exponential impact of 9 referrals to the 3rd power equals 729 (9 times 9 = 81; Then 81 times 9 = 729; this is 93) that your network referred to Company A over time and you received only a very small fee of $75.00 for the 3 people you personally referred. Company A paid out to your extended network $18,1225 (729 times $25.00 = $18,225)! Where is the wealth sharing principle in this scenario?  You shared your network, but Company A does not share the wealth. NOTE: For most companies, their cash-back programs payout less than 10% of their total advertisement budget!


The 5G Referral Program that TTI has on its educational platform is a wealth sharing program that will benefit you and your network of FFA.




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3 ways to participate on TTI's educational platform:

Social Conectivity