TTI.com's Sponsorship Program is designed to meet the needs of the underprivileged and under-funded people in society. Our Sponsorship Program is not a handout program but a program that teaches individuals how to generate a monthly income through education and technology. By participating in our RSP and 5G Referral Programs, you have the opportunity to "Earn While Learning" and "Monetize Your Social Network". lms.firsttimehomebuyerscertification.com has taken programs that are currently used in the marketplace, such as, "Revenue SharingProgram (RSP)" and "Referral Program(5GRP)" and has incorporated these programs as part of our "Wealth Sharing Program"!

The TTI's Educational Experience allows you to earn income monthly based on your monthly purchases and the people you referred. Your friends, family and associates become part of your network for earning monthly income by monetization of your social network through education. For the Student Loan Industry to change some of its practices of burdening students with "DEBT" (in some case will take a lifetime to pay back), other alternatives in the marketplace must be developed. The cost of  education is a multi-billion industry annually. The Student Loan Industry is a "Trillion Dollar" industry. The wealth in education should be shared not burdened! firsttimehomebuyerscertification.com has taken the first step to becoming a pioneer in changing how student pay for education by "earning while you learning". We call it our "Wealth Sharing Programs"! By sharing the wealth with our participants on our educational platform, this is our way of saying "Thank You" every month for participating on TTI Educational Platform and for telling your social network about your TTI Educational Experience. PQIT (PQ Innovative Technologies) has developed this software for TTI's Educational Platform and it has made it available for any organization to use for "FREE" for a limited time!

Examples of RSP in the marketplace:

Revenue Sharing Program is basically an opportunity to share in the company's revenue when a sale of a product or service occurs (i.e. when you make a purchase)! It is also referred to a "cash-back" program!

Why do businesses offer RSP or cash-back programs?

The reason why companies offer a RSP or a cash-back program―is that, they realized that the most powerful means of advertisement is "word of mouth" by current customers or clients. This form of advertisement is free to the companies and has the most impact on a person's decision-making process. A person, who refers a friend, has actual experience of the product(s) or service(s) from the company. This will also save the millions of dollars spent annually toward advertisement. Companies realize that it is the most inexpensive and effective way to have their current satisfied customers to sell their product(s) or services(s).

Here is a list of companies that offer cash-back:

  • Stable Office Supply is now offering a 20% cash-back reward on select purchases!
  • Toyota, Nissan, Ford and many others companies in the car industry offer cash-back through automobile dealerships!
  • Many financial institutions, such as banks and credit unions have cash-back programs that pay 1% to 2% on all purchases and 1% to 2% on payments made on balances outstanding on your credit cards….."What's in your wallet? — Capital One!
  • Many companies offer cash-back especially on new product lines or new services!
    (In the Auto Industry, cash-back reward programs have become a normal marketing strategy annually)

Examples of Referral Programs in the marketplace:

  • AT&T and other cell phone companies have a refer-a-friend program that pays up to $575.00 per year.
  • Many banks have refer-a-friend program that pays $25.00 to $50.00 per person referred.
  • Champion Energy and other Utilities companies offer refer-a-friend program.
  • www.1and1.com (an internet hosting company) offers a commission paid on business referrals in additional to other incentives for referring new customers.

Almost all the referral programs in the marketplace only pay you "once" although, the person referred will purchase the service(s) or product(s) monthly!"


An Educational System Designed to Reward You!

The sponsored person qualifies for 3 Study Manual (SM) to be purchased for free through the scholarship awarded. The sponsored person will receive 20% cash-back on each of the SM. There are three steps that the sponsored person must complete before he/she can qualify for the RSP and the 5G Referral Programs earnings:

  • Before the sponsored person can receive the awarded scholarship, he/she must sign-up as an Affiliate?Free Sign-up.
  • The Affiliate can request to be sponsored through their Virtual Office (in your back-office via the dashboard).
  • Once approved as a sponsored Affiliate, he/she will receive an email with an approval code (Scholarship) that will allow the Affiliate to purchase the 3 SM's for free via the scholarship.

For additional information on "How Does The Sponsorship Program Work?" Go to your Virtual Office in the Sponsorship section of your dashboard, under the sub-heading, "How It Works"?

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