Become A Sponsor has developed a Sponsorship Program for Sponsors that allows an individual or a Business to empower youths, young adults and adults to learn a skill or trade that is needed in the marketplace. By sponsoring a student, you are funding the current generation to become future leaders and responsible citizens of society. Humanity has an obligation to lay a foundation for the generation(s) that follows that will teach, equip, sustain and reproduce.

The cycle of life revolves around learning; you learn to teach, you teach to equip, you equip to sustain, you sustain to reproduce.

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By partnering with TTI (TTI.Careers) You or Your 
Company will empower the person sponsored by:

1) Providing an opportunity to learn,

2) Providing an opportunity to "Earn While Learning",

3) Providing an opportunity to be inform about the career course and the work environment,

4) Providing an opportunity to get training through our internship and entrepreneurship programs.

TTI has made "Learning to be Rewarding"

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3 ways to participate on TTI's educational platform:

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